Friday, June 1, 2012

Lobotomy vs. Beach

Maya Angelou is quoted as having said, "If you change your way of thinking you can change your life."

Okay.  How does one do such a thing?  Please, a little insight on this elusive task would be greatly appreciated.  Is there an online course I could take and absorb and re-enter the life force a carefree, stress free and generally happy-go-lucky type gal?  Oh, please....tell me it is so.

My mother frequently used a term to describe me.  Get ready for it....wait for it.....uptight.  Ugh!  I loathe the word.  But, alas, I know it fits me to a "T".  And, frankly, it sucks.  To be so uptight.  It is THE thing about myself that I would most like to change.  If only it were so easy. 

Oh, yes.  I've read self help "stop and smell the roses" books, blogs and magazine articles.  My Pinterest boards are chalk full of inspirational quotes such as "Keep Calm and Carry On!", or "Live each day with a fresh start", or "If you want to be happy then be".......oh, blah frickity blah.

I mean, of COURSE I would love to be "that" girl.  Kind of like the one, you know, in the New Freedom maxi pad commercials back in the 1970's?  She was strolling on the beach with her sandals in her hand....kicking at the waves and giggling relentlessly.  Not a care in the world, that one.  Even though she had Barbie's twin sized mattress stuck between her legs she just didn't care. Why?  Because she had found New Freedom!  She was a trail blazer of the women's movement to "go with the flow".  Truly, no pun intended there.  That just happened.

But, there is something to be said about the beach.  It, to me, is the most tranquil and heavenly spot on this great Earth.  Any beach will do, but, one in particular is where I'd like to be.  As often as possible.  Any of you who have been there know exactly what I am talking about.  It's a little slice of heaven on Lake Michigan.  I only have to wait 6 more weeks before I get to go there.  I hope my sanity remains in tact until then. 

So, in the mean time I think I'll forgo the idea of a lobotomy.  At least for now.  Seems a tad drastic anyways.  I'm not so sure that they even do them anymore.  I'll have to ask my favorite local surgeon the next time I see him. 

I choose beach.  Yes.  The beach awaits me and my uptight self.

Perhaps subconsciously I'm exposing my over-active uptightness to a higher-than-normal degree because I know that my beach therapy is in my very near future.  It's a thought.  Albeit a rather obtuse one. 

But, hey, to know me is to love me.  At least I hope so.  Oh, wait...I don't care.  But, I really do.  Oh, whatever.

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