Thursday, November 8, 2012

Like Coffee for Elephants


I think it may be happening again. No. No no no. I KNOW it's happening again.

Somehow each and every time I find myself teetering over this precarious ledge I can't help but be amazed at how easy it is to let go and allow yourself to fall down that slippery slope of this crazy little thing called love.

Yes. Love. Amore. Adoration.

I said it.

Crazy, right?

But, it is only too true.

It has taken me 43 years to finally succumb to what I feel is a deep, unbridled and passionate love. I become absolutely intoxicated at the mere mention of my loved ones name. And I practically unravel when I am in the presence of my loves aroma. It is like a passage to ecstasy. A high off of which I do not wish to come.

I can no longer deny it. I want to shout it from the top of the Farmers State Bank and Trust Co. building!

I AM IN LOVE!!  WITH COFFEE!!!! What the hell did you think I was talking about?

Maybe it's the time of year that makes its appeal that much more tantalizing. Not sure. Don't really care.

All I know is that I go to bed most nights almost twitterpated at the thought of the tall and dark roast awesomeness that awaits me in the morning. Sad, but true.

And, thanks to the Kuerig coffee maker my sister gave me for my birthday I only have to wait a scant 3 minutes for that first cup in the morning.

Yes. My palette has conceded to my sense of smell. I can at last tote around the coveted coffee cup without shame.

Now, I do not mean to offend any tea drinkers out there. It's just that I, for one, am proud to finally classify myself amongst the ranks of true coffee drinkers. For a little back story you may want to refer to my Novemer 4, 2011 blog, "Coffee Wars". Or if you don't want to, that's cool.

So, about once a week, after I have dropped my boys off at school, I carve out a 45 minute window before I head to the Y in which I indulge in a little quality time with the object of my affection. I'll sip on a cup of Starbuck's Pike Place Roast with a dribble of fat free hazelnut creamer, scroll through Pinterest and listen to George, Robin, Sam, Josh and Lara chatting in the background. It is pure Heaven. And, it never lasts quite long enough.

But, it is the little things that make love so great, right?

So, there. I outed myself. I am an official card carrying and cup toting member of the Coffee Lovers Club. CLC. It's real. I swear.

You'll have to excuse me now. I have to find a way to get my hands on some Starbuck's Christmas Blend Expresso Roast. I mean, SHUT UP!!

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