Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ton of Bricks

A ton of bricks.

Tonight I was curious. How much does that actually weigh?

 Oh. Duh. A ton.

Admittedly, I am no math genius. But, tonight, I felt that exact weight collapse on me. Out the hell of no where.

I had actually had a rather lovely evening. Had a very successful jewelry show at a friends house. Spent some good quality time with some rather awesome gals. All in all, a good night.

Cut to me tucking my boys into bed. Prayer time. The slight few imbibations I had in me directed my thought process to thinking that this was the perfect night to begin teaching my boys the Lord's Prayer. As always, I was a tad slow at considering the end result of my choices.

May have had something to do with the imbibing.


Prayer time was relatively successful. Though #2 found it lengthy and "hard to say".

So, then a thought occurred to me. My mother loved the version of the Lord's Prayer sung by Barbra Streisand. I think I'll download it.

What a fantastic idea. Yes!! You should do that....... you simple foolish fool.

Cut to me. On the bathroom floor. Yet again. Silly sobbing blubbering idiot mess. What the?????

Oh yeah. Big. Ugly. Cry. In it's purest form. Snot bubbles and all. Sooooo attractive. I could almost hear my mother talking to me. "Julia Yates! Pull yourself together. You're acting ridiculous."

But, what I know is this: "this" does creep up on you. And slam you on to the bathroom floor. Like a freaking ton of bricks.

I'll never stop missing her. And I don't want to.

She would have been so excited for me because of my good night. She was my biggest fan.

She was there. But, I just can't help but wish she were still here. Selfish girl that I am.

Ah well. There you have it. As you know I do like to share. I guess my point tonight is this: be happy and be grateful. And, if you feel the need to have a Big Ugly Cry, by all means, do it in your bathroom, because, really, NO ONE needs to see that business!

And, please, watch out for those damned bricks. They're a bitch.

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