Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sister Goldenhair

In the car today it came on the radio.  So, I turned it up and informed my boys that this was my all time favorite song.  "Sister Goldenhair" by America, circa 1970-something, for those of you who don't know of it.  My sweet little 9 year old informed me that it was a 'really cheesy song'. 

"There's no rapping in it.  How is it so awesome?" he was dead serious.

"That is exactly how it is so awesome." son of mine.....

So, I chose to ignore his rude statement and sang along, because, yes, I know all of the words.  I'm certain, in fact, that I have known the words since I was a very young girl, somewhere around the age of 5 or 6.  My older sister was in high school at the time and our bedrooms were right next to each other.  My bed was right up against the wall where she had her stereo.  A "stereo", for my younger readers, is an old fashioned type of equipment on which we used to listen to music, long before iPods and iHomes and music downloads.  We actually listened to music from radio stations, or on these round things called "records" or small square things called "cassettes".  Look it up. It's all true. 

Anyways, my mother was certain that I was learning the words to the current music of the day through osmosis, as my sister would play her "stereo" into the evening well after my bedtime.  I remember it very clearly.  I loved it.  It actually helped me to fall asleep.  To this day I listen to music at bedtime when I'm having a hard time falling asleep. 

I remember being in the car with my mother one day and Billy Joel's song, "Don't Ask Me Why" was on the radio.  I was singing along verbatim.  My mother thought it was precious until her toe-headed 6 year old got to the line, "as sure as I'm a victim of desire". 

Can you imagine that line giving pause considering the lyrics we have to deal with in today's music? 

Nonetheless, mom was appalled. 

"Julie!  Do you even know what that means?"
Well, even if I did I certainly wasn't going to tell her.  I knew what that would mean.  No more stereo at night.  That just would not do.


" shouldn't sing this song anymore."  that was a simple enough request.

"Okay."  Phew.  Dodged that bullet.

I had this same thought not too long ago when I overheard my 5 year old singing along to some of the not-so-appropriate downloads I have on my iPad.  But, as a parent you know you've done a fantastic job of child rearing when you over hear one of your off spring singing Flo Rida's "Low" with absolute precision.  It was a proud moment.  Oops?

I do have a lot of music with questionable lyrics downloaded.  Mainly because they make for good running music.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  I guess I need to do a better job of editing my files. 

Most recently I downloaded 2Pac's "California Love".  On what planet in my head do I live where a 42 year old mother of 2 young boys can download gangster rap and not expect said boys to come across it????  And, let's just gloss right over the whole middle-aged-white-woman-listening-to-gangster-rap thing all together, shall we?

So, I tried my mother's approach.  "Carter.  You shouldn't listen to this song."


Damnit.  This child gives me no wiggle room.

"Um...." I wasn't even going to try to explain why it's not appropriate.  He's not quite ready for that lesson yet.  And, since we don't live in South Central L.A. I didn't feel it was all too pertinent.  So, we agreed that none of us should listen to it.  Except when I'm running.  Which, frankly isn't all that often, so no harm, no foul.  Right?  Just agree with me on this, okay?

So, back to "Sister Goldenhair"...this song takes me to many happy places, which is why I think it sparked such a conversation in my head today.  (Yes, that happens.  What's your point?)  It reminds me of my blissfully happy childhood.  But, it especially reminds me of a certain sister goldenhair of my own; my sister-from-another-mother.  It's "our" song. We're both certain it was written about ourselves, but, we've learned to share it over the years. 

I was reminded today to take time out to enjoy every possible moment.  Life is short.  Love and embrace those happy memories but don't forget to make new ones as you go along.

What I can not believe is that I don't have "Sister Goldenhair" downloaded.  The HORROR!!!!  I'm sure I have the cassette of it somewhere in a box in the basement.  I just don't have anything to play it in.

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