Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sorry it's been so long....I've been feeling a little bit, "under the weather" lately.  It's strange, really.

I can't really put my finger on it and frankly I'm just too busy to get to the doctor.  I'm guessing it will pass eventually, but, we're going on almost a week now and I can't seem to shake it.

I can't sleep.  I am not a good sleeper by nature.  Never have been.  I don't know that I have ever slept through an entire night in my life.  But, recently, I am just not sleeping.  I'm exhausted, but, I can't sleep.  I go to bed, toss and turn for an hour or so, finally doze off, only to wake up somewhere around 4 am and then I can not fall back asleep.  I try to sneak in the occasional nap, but, even that's limited due to lack time.

I'm also having a hard time eating.  And, anyone who knows me knows that that is not even kind of normal.  I am actually forcing myself to eat for sustenance.  And, what's really weird is that I'm not even hungry.  I have even been forgetting to eat.  That is so not normal.

I'm not complaining about the last symptom.  I welcome it, in fact.  It helps the cause. 

I am also just a tad bit queezy.  Not enough to vomit, but enough to make me slightly uncomfortable.  I'm sure this must have something to do with the not eating part, but, frankly this is one side effect of my "affliction" that I could do without. 

My hands are sore.  That's weird, right?  I mean, I have been doing a lot more texting than normal lately.  That might explain this part.  I hope.  Because, that is a very strange symptom, I'd say.  Wouldn't you?

Okay, now here's the really weird thing that I have been experiencing.....I can't seem to stop giggling.  And smiling.  Lots of giggling and smiling.  Excessive amounts, in fact.  I'm starting to drive myself crazy with it.  And my friends.  They keep saying, "what is wrong with you?"  I don't know what's wrong with me.  Maybe it's due to the lack of sleep.  Fatigue does do crazy things to people. 

I entered all of my symptoms on Web MD.  I do not recommend this to anyone.  It is no wonder that this world is full of hypochondriacs.  The answers I came up with were: Bi-polar disorder, brain tumor or schizophrenia.  I choose none of the above.  So I added another symptom that I just unearthed: heart palpitations.  So now I can add congestive heart failure to the list of ailments I get to choose from.  No thanks. 

So, I ask you.  Any ideas?  Ever had these symptoms before?  I don't have any weird pains or any cold symptoms.  I think I may have experienced something similar to this before, but, it's slightly different this time.  I just can't put my finger on it. 


If you have any advice to offer me I would greatly appreciate it. 

For now, I am going to try to sleep.  I hope that I wake up feeling better tomorrow.  On second thought, no I don't.  ;)

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  1. First rule. Stay away from Web MD!
    Back when I worked at UIC's College of Medicine there was this Pathophys course that all the new med students had to take. Each and everyone would walk out thinking they had some terrible disease!

    Not sure if you do these or not, but I wanted to let people know all about your site. So I am sharing this award with you.

    Come by my blog for the image and read what I said about your blog.

    I figured it would also connect you with other authors and would-be published authors. Sometimes knowing that others are in the same boat and experiencing the same things is great.