Sunday, September 11, 2011


First things first, HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY, KIMMIE!!  I'll quote our friend, Jean, here...don't you "love friends who count backwards"?!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday, in spite of the circumstances that surround this date. 

And, a very Happy 10th Birthday to Miss Victoria!!!  I hope today is the best birthday ever!  I'm sure that your mama has a bouncy house and a pony in the backyard and a 10 tiered pink cake for your surprise party later today.  Oops!  :0

And, that is correct, little miss was born on this day, 10 years ago.  The day that none of us will ever forget.  Her name is a family name but her parents did agree that it was beyond special considering the events that took place on her birthday.  And, how rude, by the way, of those stupid dumb terrorists to muck up a precious little girl's special day. 

I don't mean to make light of it.  And, I really can't believe that it has been 10 years since 9-11.  I remember exactly where I was when it happened, as does everyone else, I'm sure.  I was just 6 weeks pregnant with my now 9 year old and was out on a walk.  My walks were starting to get shorter as the amount of time I was allowed between potty breaks had shortened substantially.  Anyways, I came in my back door and immediately turned to the TV. (I always left the TV on for the dogs.  Seriously.) At first I thought I was watching an action movie trailer, but, I could tell by the distress in Katie Couric's voice that this was not the case.  And, then I saw it. A second airplane hit tower #2. 

I have spent a lot of time this week explaining the events of 9-11 to my 4th grader.  He is curious.  He was especially amazed by the story of the passengers of the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania.  He asked me if they were scared when they stormed the cock pit.  I told him that we would never know for sure, but I could only imagine that they were.
"Were they soldiers?", he asked.
"No.  They were civilians.  But at that moment, they were indeed soldiers.  Because they were brave and they knew that they were probably going to die doing what they were doing. But, they did it to save the lives of innocent people."
"And that's why dad had to go to Afghanistan, right?  Because of the terrorists?"
"Yeah, baby.  That's right."
"I want to be in the Army some day, ok mom?"
"We'll see about that. "

The welcome home parade, ironically, on 9-11-09
 Both of my boys are infatuated with all things Army.  And, of course they should be.  Most little boys idolize their fathers, and mine are no exception.  They play for endless hours with their Army guys, they beg for any and all possible Army video games.  And, how many 9 year olds do you know whose favorite "movie" is Band of Brothers?  I sort of think that maybe the more I let them play Army while they are young that the more they will get it out of their system.  I know we need more soldiers in this country, but I'd just prefer it not be my babies, thank you very much. 

Alot has changed since that horrific day, globally and personally. The best of which for me are these 2 little stinkers who make my life better every day.  So I will squeeze them both today and be grateful that our world is relatively safe for them to live in, thanks to the civilians, first responders and soldiers who rushed in and put themselves in harm's way to ensure that safety and our freedom. 

And, as you know, I like to end with a little something to put a smile on your face.  Even on days like today we all need to find a reason to smile and maybe even laugh!  This video is sort of/not really relative, but it is hilarious!

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