Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Laughing Matter

As of yesterday my week was off to a crappy start.  Just your run-of-the-mill crappy week, and it was only Tuesday.

I had a glorious weekend spent entirely with my boys, exploring all of the fantastic events that were going on all over our fair city.  We had a blast and I was exhausted.  And, then Monday came. 

Mondays, for the most part, suck.  I was grateful that I had made it home at the end of my work day without going postal on someone.  Honestly, there wasn't just one good reason for my cantankerous mood, there were many.  We all have those days.  But, apparently it was my turn for a trip to Suckville.

And, lucky me, like everyone else, I got to get up the next morning and do it all over again.  I thought that maybe if I just didn't answer the phone or speak to anyone that perhaps this day would go off without a hitch.  But, alas, I work in retail.  No such luck. 

The day did go by a little better than the previous.  It hadn't occurred to me that I hadn't smiled in about a 36 hour period until a customer said to me, "You should smile, honey.  It'll make you feel better." 

Oh, god.  Please don't call customer service on me.  You see, it's just been a crappy couple of days and I....

Oh, who was I kidding?  She was right.  So, I feigned my best smile for the next couple of hours until I got home. 

So, I put the boys to bed, plopped down on the couch, put my feet up on the coffee table and turned on the TV.  Much to my delight this was the first thing I watched:

OMG!  Joe Pesci and Don Rickles?  I had a very zealous laugh-out-loud moment!  So, Kudos to Snickers, and thanks for breaking my mood!  I needed that!

My sisters think that I have a weird sense of humor.  Is it just me, or does anyone else find this commercial hilarious?  I think the recent collection of Snickers commercials are epic.  I mean, where else can you see Betty White getting tackled in a football game, Aretha Franklin squished into the back seat of a POS car, or Rosanne Barr getting pummeled by a swinging log?  This is good stuff, people!

So, my laugh was back.  And, fortunately it has been rather prevalent today.  However the day did start off a little on the shaky side.

My sisters and I were in a bit of a twitter for about half of the morning.  No, no, not on Twitter, in a twitter.  Our mother was taking her driver's test this morning, and, well, we had good reason to be nervous about that.  We had even begun to try to figure out who would be Driving Miss Alice from here on out.  You see, mom has become accustomed to the senior citizen's stand on driving; 1. Yours, mine and the middle, and 2. We don't need no stinking stop signs. 

Poor mom had worked herself into a lather over the test.  She knew that if she did not pass that it would mean the end of her freedom.  She just wanted to be over with it. Evidently she got tired of waiting for my sister to take her to the Secretary of State's office and she drove herself there. 

An hour went by and we hadn't heard anything.  Good lord!  Please tell me she hasn't been waiting there this whole time!  We were all getting a bit hysterical so I was elected to track her down.  As I drove to the Secretary of State's office I had visions of myself running in all Shirley Maclaine-like, "My mother needs to take her driving test now!  Do you hear me?  She needs to do it now!  She has waited and she is ready NOW!"  But, when I arrived her car was no where to be found.  I thought that maybe she was out taking the test.  So I waited.  And waited.  Finally after about 15 minutes my sister got a hold of her.  She was home.  Now, mind you, she lives about 5 miles away and it only took her about 20 minutes to get home. 

She had passed, just barely. 

"He said I made a lot of mistakes" she told me later on the phone.

"Like what?"

"Like driving in the wrong lane."

"Oh.  Is that all?"  Really?

Needless to say when my sisters and I caught back up with one another there were lots of snorts and giggles.  You really do have to laugh, so that you don't fall apart crying!

So, next I went home to get ready for work.  My mood was improving substantially. 

I am one of those odd balls who turns on the television as soon as I walk in the door.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame on the Nate Berkus show.  I love Carson Kressley.  I think he is witty and adorable.  He is my gay crush. 

Today he was doing a surprise make over for 4 employees of a beauty salon on Staten Island.  When he sprang in on them 1 woman in particular was having a hard time containing herself.  She was squealing and jumping up and down and practically hyper ventilating.  And then Carson dropped this one liner:

"Drink your juice, Shelby."

I don't  how many of you will pick up on this.  I can think of about 6 people who are laughing as they read this.  This was a four alarm howler for me.  I laughed myself silly.  The delivery, timing and relevance were spot on.

There is a scene from the movie Steel Magnolias where all of the main characters are in a beauty shop getting ready for a wedding.  The bride was Shelby, played by Julia Roberts, and she was a severe diabetic in the middle of, I believe, a blood sugar crash.  Her mother, played by Sally Field, was trying to get her to drink some OJ and attempting to get her to calm down.  "Drink your juice, Shelby" she said.

Okay, so the movie scene wasn't exactly humorous, but, like I said, Carson Kressley's brilliant use of the movie line was epically funny.  Or at least I thought so.  I laughed through my entire shower.  I have even caught myself doing a few shoulder shrug giggles all day long!

Carson Kressley and Nate Berkus, two gay hotties!

So, okay, things aren't so darn bad after all.  Sometimes it just takes a little laughter to put things back into perspective. 

Many thanks to Snickers, Joe Pesci, Don Rickles, Carson Kressley and my mom for getting my sunny disposition back.  Okay, that may be stretching it a bit.

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